Are you overwhelmed or just need a few questions answered without committing to a package?

Ask Angelina sessions will meet your needs!

These one-time sessions can help clear up confusion, provide motivation, and give recommendations on a health topic to get you going. There is no pressure to sign up for a package. Schedule as many Ask Angelina sessions as you need, which generally run from 45 minutes to one hour long.

Please note that these sessions do NOT include the following: review of medical records, a chart/note, written plans, email support, communication with other providers, or a receipt for insurance submission.

Click below to be directed to my online schedule to get started.

Process to book your appointment:

  1. Confirm the type of appointment (phone, in-person, or video)
  2. Select the date and time
  3. Fill in your information
  4. Complete the form that will help guide the reason for our session.
  5. Fill out your payment information ($150.00)
  6. Hit submit and get mentally prepared for raising your health!